Revolving sanding


Revolving sanding with high skill, flexible timetable and quality machinery. At our place of operation in Tampere we do sanding according to your needs with precision of a millimeter. Almost all hardened parts require the right surface quality and surface finish to achieve precise tolerance. Especially in these situations revolving sanding is the perfect solution.


Modern machinery for revolving sanding

Combining our skillful personnel with our versatile and modern machine library we are able to do sanding for components in a range of different sizes. As the versatile machinery brings flexibility to the work process, it also will bring efficiency needed especially for small sets of production. The surface quality result is almost always better with the revolving grinding process than with the machining process. In addition we also do cost effective CNC sanding.

Sizes suitable for sanding

Underneath you can see the maximum size for parts suitable for revolving sanding. You can also check if we have the suitable sanding machine for your needs, by clicking on the button underneath. Please observe that most of our revolving sanding machines are also able to do hole sanding.

  • Max length 6000 mm
  • Max diameter 850 mm